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01443 403 959


Best Rates in South Wales

We pay some of the best rates in South Wales for all non ferrous metals. Get in touch today to find out about current prices!

Protect The Environment

By selling us your scrap metal you reduce the waste and CO2 emissions. We guarantee safe and environmentally friendly process of recycling.

Recycle Your Waste

Recycling your unused scrap metals in our yard is a great way not only to protect the environment but to get paid a fair price for your scrap.

Call Us Today

To find out more about our services, discuss your requirements or to get a quote, call us now on 01443 403 959 !

About Us

We are a family owned and run business with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We have a highly professional and reliable team of scrap metal specialists providing comprehensive recycling services with the most competitive prices.

Over the years we have gone from strength to strength and have developed a strong and loyal customer base.

Core Services

  • Scrap Metal Recycling

    N Powell & Son Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd is one of the leading yards in South Wales. We offer first class scrap metal recycling services and pay some of the best rates in the region.

  • Non Ferrous Metal Experts

    We specialise in recycling of non ferrous metals including brass, copper, aluminum, lead and stainless steel.

  • Collection Services

    We offer contract clear outs and regular collection services for our clients in South Wales. Whether it is a factory clearance or a demolition site clear out we can take care of your scrap metals and offer you the most competitive prices around!

  • Weee Recycling

    We offer complete electrical waste recycling services and pay top prices for your appliances, refrigerators, dryers, cookers, laptops, computers, mobile phones and other electronics.

Scrap Metal Dealers / Merchants Pontypridd | We buy scrap from Cardiff | Newport | Pontypridd

01443 403 959


N Powell and Son a name you can trust and that will ensure repeat business.

We are a family run business which offers a trustworthy and reliable scrap metal recycling service based in Pontypridd, South Wales.

There are many reasons to come and visit us but we believe our main selling points are that we offer a speedy service combined with excellent rates for scrap metal and that we are looking to secure repeat business from all our customers.

Please take some time to have a look at the types of Non-Ferrous metals that we buy across South Wales and that we pay very competitive rates for.

Scrap Metal Dealers Pontypridd | Scrap Yard

Copper Wire and Copper Metals, Scrap yards in South Wales.

Big pile of copper wire

We buy non-ferrous scrap metal such as waste copper wire and copper tubing.

Please note that we buy any amount of copper scrap metal and we are conveniently located near the capital of South Wales being Cardiff.

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Scrap Yards Pontypridd

We are open to the public and trade and are conveniently located in Pontypridd near Cardiff and the surrounding regions.

The forms of copper we buy are as follows.

o Greasy Copper Bright Wire
o Dry Bright Copper Wire
o No 1 Type Copper Tube / Piping
o Copper Tanks / Household heating Piping
o Household / Domestic Copper Cable
o All forms of waste Non-Ferrous Copper Metals.

We buy Non-ferrous scrap metal | Pontypridd Scrap Yard

We buy the following forms of Aluminium metals.

We are competitive rate payers for all Aluminium waste metals. Aluminium may come in the form of guttering or from alloy wheels for example we buy all your un-wanted Aluminium waste in South Wales.

Based in close situation and proximity to the Cardiff area we believe that it is worth your time to take a short commute out of Cardiff, to come and visit us at our scrap yard based in Pontypridd, where we buy all forms of Non-Ferrous metals.

Scrap Yard Pontypridd | Near Cardiff | Scrap Dealers

We buy the following forms of aluminium:

o Cast Aluminium, taking the form of old household guttering for example.
o Aluminium window frames and doors
o Aluminium wheels
o Aluminium waste food containers and cans
o All of the forms of Aluminium waste arising in the South Wales area’s.

We have regular customers coming to us from the Cardiff and also of the main areas of Wales such as Newport and other areas of the South Wales valleys such as Pontypridd and other industrial areas such as Merthyr Tydfil and indeed customers come from Ebbw Vale region to weigh in their scrap metals with us. We are in an excellent location to serve the whole of the South Wales area’s and offer a solid first class service offering.

Scrap Metal Merchants Pontypridd | Scrap Dealers near Cardiff

We also buy waste Brass metals in Wales

We buy all “non-ferrous metals” this includes brass. Please contact us on the day you wish to sell your non-ferrous metals so that we can tell you the rate we are paying out on that particular day.

We buy the following forms of brass waste non-ferrous metals in South Wales.

o Brass taps and Brass fixtures and fittings
o Mixed waste Brass
o Brass handles and decorative items
o We purchase all types and forms of Brass waste metals.

We are buyers of waste lead products in South Wales and the surrounding areas

Scrap Yards, Near Cardiff, Scrap Yards in South WalesWe purchase Lead in the following forms, we are frequent and competitive rate payers for items such as dis-used Lead batteries and Lead flashings sheeting for example.

o We purchase Lead/ Flat sheeting
o Lead piping and Lead flashings
o We also purchase Lead in any form and welcome all enquiries to enquire what we are paying out on Lead on any particular day in the South Wales areas.

We also purchase Stainless Steel products and waste stainless steel in the South Wales area’s.