N Powell and Son operate a Scrap Metal collection service within the locality of Aberdare South Wales.

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N Powell and Son offer the following regarding their scrap metal collection service.

  • Prompt payment for all metals collected in the Aberdare region.
    Fair and transparent rates for all metals collected within Aberdare.
    All waste metals taken back to a licensed recycling facility in Pontypridd.
    All metals transferred via licensed waste carriers.
    Family run and vast experience to ensure that you receive a competitive rate for your waste metals from Aberdare.

If you have non ferrous scrap metals arising from Aberdare then contact us today for our latest rates on Copper, Aluminium and Lead and we can offer you very competitive prices.

Scrap Metal Collection Service Aberdare

N Powell and son operate a scrap yard based in the Pontypridd area of South Wales. Due to a surge in demand for their services company now operates a pickup and collection service across South Wales including the Aberdare region.

The company can pick up waste scrap metals from commercial operations and also sizeable residential collections of non ferrous metals in Aberdare.

The company operates an efficient and prompt service and can be with you in a timely manner. We welcome both the public and trade, call us today to find out what rate’s we are offering in Aberdare for scrap metal collection.

Scrap Metal Recyclers and Collection Service Aberdare

N Powell and son operate licensed vehicles able to collect scrap metal-based in the regions of Aberdare. All non ferrous metals will then be taken back to a licensed recycling centre in Pontypridd for recycling.

Scrap Metal recycling to a licensed scrap yard

All metals that are collected across Aberdare will be taken back to a fully licensed scrap metal recycling facility based on the Pontypridd region of South Wales.

All metals will be correctly handled and processed and they will be transported by licensed waste carriers and stored appropriately at a licensed waste facility based in the Pontypridd region.

N Powell and son are experienced scrap metal recyclers and adhere to best practice while offering un-paralleled customer service.