N Powell and son purchase non-ferrous metals including brass from the South Wales region. Waste brass can take the form of taps or joints in pipe-work for example we buy all such metals at very competitive prices.

Monday-Friday: 8am to 4:30pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm
Sunday: Closed

Main line: 01443 403 959
Out of office only: 07971918581


Scrap metal dealers and scrap yard’s in South Wales situated close to Cardiff

We buy the full spectrum and range of non-ferrous metal’s this could be aluminium, copper or indeed lead waste metals.

We make sure that we pay competitive rates so that we seek your repeat business.
Please note that our location is convenient to access and is in close proximity and location to Cardiff.

The congestion of Cardiff and slow moving traffic means many of our customers take a short commute out of the area to come and visit us at our scrap yard based in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Scrap metal buyers in South Wales, near the area of Cardiff

We buy brass and all of the non-ferrous metals and we would urge you to phone us on day you wish to make a sale so that we can tell you our competitive rates that we are buying metals for on that day.

We pride ourselves on a first class and efficient service.

We run our scrap yard as efficiently as possible so to minimise disruption in your day as we quickly turn around all vehicles weighing in to us.

We believe our scrap yard has a added advantage because it is family run and managed, this means that more attention to detail is paid to customer service offering and ensuring that you receive a top quality service.

Waste metal buyers and scrap metal merchants near Cardiff

Based in Pontypridd, we are able to serve a wide geographic region this means many of our customers make the commute out of Cardiff and indeed the Newport areas to visit us in our location in Pontypridd.


We buy every form of non-ferrous metals so this ranges from copper cable right through to lead batteries.

Our scrap yard is expertly run so that during peak times we are able to quickly handle your scrap metal and provide you with a very competitive rate in the South Wales area for you all scrap metals.

Scrap metal merchants near Cardiff and Newport

Scrap yards and scrap metal merchants near Cardiff and Newport we have set up a scrap yard in the region of Pontypridd, because we know we have excellent road links to our business making it easy for you to come and visit us and because of the fast flowing traffic flow past our scrap yard you will be served quickly and within a short amount of time.