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Top prices paid for Copper Cable in South Wales. We are scrap metal buyers near Cardiff.


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We pay the most competitive prices for Copper Cable and Copper Wire. Do not run the risk of being paid un-reasonable and un-fair rates for you all copper cable in the South Wales area, instead come to us where we look to secure repeat and long term business with all customers.


Fair Rates + Winning Customer Services + Never Paying Below What Is a Fair Deal = Long Term Business , This is What Drives Us To The Level We Are Today.



“Why be disappointed in what you are paid out, we offer very competitive prices on copper and all non-ferrous metals and look to secure your business for years to come. Don’t be disappointed get a fair deal come to N Powell and son, to ensure you receive what is owed for your scrap metal in South Wales and the South West.”

Copper and Scrap Metal buyers in South Wales, Scrap Metal Merchants near Cardiff.

We understand the hard work that goes in to sourcing copper cable and wire in South Wales, for this reason we look to pay reasonable and fair rates to all our customers that represents a fair deal. We ask that all prospective customers please call on the day you wish to sell your copper wire so that we can tell you what winning rates we are paying out on any particular day.

Copper cable is such a valuable resource in scarce supply that we urge all our prospective customers to choose your scrap dealer carefully. We value your custom and we look to secure each customer’s business for the long term meaning we pay very competitive rates and offer a professional service to secure repeat business from you year on year.

We buy copper cable in South Wales and the South West this includes Bristol.

We buy Copper Cable from a wider geographic market.

We buy and source our Copper Wire and cable from nearby areas such as Cardiff in South Wales but we would also travel and invite customers from the South West in Bristol to travel to us as we are competitive rate payers on Copper Cable which will provide you with a fair deal and competitive rate on your scrap metal.

We are Scrap Metal Merchants and Buyers located near Cardiff

Copper Cable and Copper tubing is an area of non-ferrous metals that we specialise in purchasing. By this we mean we will ensure that we pay out the most reasonable of rates to source as much of this valuable non-ferrous metal as we can from a wide geographic area. From Cardiff through to Newport then onto the South West of Bristol we cover these regions and the surrounding areas with a scrap metal merchant service which is of the highest standards and family run on a strict ethical basis that we will provide all customers with a fair deal.

Scrap yards near Cardiff

Cardiff a bustling city covering a wide area, why get stuck in traffic when weighing in your non-ferrous scrap metals?

We are located just on the outskirts of Cardiff in Pontypridd and we are connected to Cardiff via a motorway which means you can reach us quickly and easily.

When weighing in your Scrap Metal in Cardiff what should be a short process can consume a large chunk of your day! This is un-necessary as if you come to us we offer a speedy and professional service and where we are located, means you can reach us easily from Cardiff and in a short space of time.

It’s time you start using us for your scrap metal selling needs as we offer the most reasonable and competitive prices backed up by an experienced and service level located in a easily accessible location for a scrap yard based in Pontypridd just outside of Cardiff.

Scrap metal merchants near Cardiff

We have purposely located our business in close proximity to Cardiff and we are proud to say we are competitive rate payers for copper cable and copper wire which is an area we specialise in.

We pay out what is fair and what represents a good deal when weighing in your scrap metal in South Wales and near Cardiff. Family run and family managed we make sure that you receive a top level service and do business in a way which is straight forward so that you get the best possible rate with a quick turnaround of vehicles which means your back on the road in no time.

Many of our customers come from Cardiff when weighing into our scrap yard but we equally serve the surrounding regions such as Newport and all of the South Wales valleys such as Aberdare and indeed Merthyr Tydfil.

Located in a strategic location serving the South Wales area we offer a different approach when selling your scrap metal in South Wales.

We recognise that scrap metal yards are a busy place in themselves so we look to turnaround as many vehicles as we can in a short space of time and manage that process so that you are never inconvenienced.

Scrap metal buyers near Cardiff, Aluminium, Copper and Lead buyers

We recognise that often when weighing in your scrap metals you want to receive the best possible rate and a fair deal on what you are weighing into us. We offer a service whereby we are not fussy and overly un-reasonable about what is weighed in to us, we pay out what is fair and what is reasonable for the scrap metal brought to us. We understand that if we pay the most competitive of prices and combined this with a winning service model, that we will look to secure your long term business and this is the main foundation of our business to secure a valued customer base.