Scrap dealers who can collect / pick-up metals within Cardiff

Scrap dealers who can pick-up metals within Cardiff



N Powell and Son have vehicles that can pick-up waste metals easily, we regularly travel to Cardiff to pick up non-ferrous metals.

Please note, we only pick-up large amounts of metals, for instance we can pick-up large amounts of copper cable from a company within Cardiff.

We are therefore regularly contacted to pick-up metals from plumbers, electricians and also civil engineers who may need scrap metal removed quickly.

We also have a grab lorry, this means we can grab waste metals quickly and the metals do not need to be loaded manually.

We can collect

We regularly collect from Cardiff, especially around the city centre, where for example a refurbishment contractor may be gutting out an old building, they may therefore have a large amount of copper tube, electrical wiring that they need collecting.

What metals do we purchase?

We purchase non-ferrous, these types of metals are copper, aluminium, lead and brass.

Where will my metals be recycled to?

We then transport all metals back to our scrap yard, our yard is based within Pontypridd, there we recycle all metals.

Who are N Powell and Son

N Powell and Son are expert scrap dealers, as such we fetch fair prices for all of our metals, ensuring that our customers receive a fair price for their metals also.


Are you looking to sell your metals quickly?


When selling your waste metals you will undoubtedly want a scrap dealer that can offer you two things, that is offer a fair price for your metals, plus also that you are served quickly while at the scrap yard.

For example, electricians and plumbers are often in a rush, the last thing they want is to be sat in a que at the scrap yard.

N Powell and Son are scrap dealers who are based within Pontypridd, we always aim to serve our customers as quickly as possible.

We achieve a fast and efficient service due to our constant investment in machinery, such as excavators which are fitted with grabs, these machines can make light work of offloading lorries and vans that arrive at our scrap yard.

Which scrap metals do you purchase?

We purchase non-ferrous metals, so this means we can purchase copper, lead, brass and also aluminium.

N Powell and Son can also purchase catalytic convertors as well as car batteries as well.

Where are you located?

We are located within Pontypridd, we are a Pontypridd scrap yard that has been established for a long time.

How much are my metals worth?

Metal prices fluctuate from one day to the next, so it’s important if you are selling your metals to phone us and get the latest prices.

Can you collect waste metals from Cardiff?

We regularly collect large amounts of scrap metal from Cardiff. We purchase metals directly from electricians and plumbers.

If you would like your scrap metals collected, please call us, we only collect if you have a large amount of scrap metal.

We collect the following metals from Cardiff:

  • Copper wire
  • Copper cable
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Lead
  • Catalytic convertors

Where can I recycle my copper cable?


If you are a electrician, or just someone who has some unwanted copper wire, why not recycle your metals with N Powell and Son?

Our customers travel from far and wide to sell their metals to us, that’s because we offer fair prices.

Get a fair price for your copper cable / wire

One of the most valuable types of non-ferrous metals is copper cable, that’s because the wire strands are made from pure copper.

Because of this, you will want to ensure you are getting a fair price for your metals.

To find out how much your copper wire or cable is worth, why not call us?

How we are helping to protect the environment

We have invested in copper wire machinery, this allows us to take household wire and to remove the plastics easily.

Normally household wire is thin, which means removing the copper strands can be a difficult task. However, our machinery can quickly remove plastics, the best part is the machine we use, uses very little electric.

So not only are we turning a waste item into copper, but in doing so, we are only using a small amount of electric.

We can even collect from you

We can collect copper cable from you, we understand that copper cable is awkward to load, plus some customers may have too much to transport themselves.

If you therefore have a large amount of copper cable, why not give us a ring and see if we can collect from you.




Are you looking to change from your Newport scrap dealer?


Some businesses may have used the same Newport scrap yard for many years, however more businesses than ever are also shopping around, to make sure they are getting the best price.

N Powell and Son are scrap metals dealers, we purchase scrap metals like copper, brass and aluminium.

Each week we see more customers come to us from Newport, so this article explains why it’s worth driving to our scrap yard.

Are you looking to change from your Newport scrap yard?

We pay great prices on everything from old copper wire, through to aluminium window frames, so many businesses use us because we pay excellent scrap metal prices.

Once a business swaps to using our scrap yard, we find that they often stay with us, so if you’re looking to get a fair price for your metals, why not call us?

Who are N Powell and Son

We are an established scrap yard, we are known for paying excellent prices on copper wire.

At our yard, we recycle huge quantities of copper wire each and every week. This means vans, lorries from Newport come to us to sell their metals.

We pay great prices on all non-ferrous metals

Whether it be old aluminium window frames, old copper pipe or your old lead battery on your car, we purchase all these metals.

So many customers travel to us from cities like Newport, and Cardiff, because the prices that we pay.

We are only a short drive from Newport

We are based close to good motorway links, these connect us to Cardiff and Newport. We also have excavators and forklifts, so we can offload heavy loads quickly.

Why change scrap yards?

Electricians, plumbers and shop fitters use N Powell and Son because they know we pay fair prices all metals that we purchase.

Why we are the scrap dealers to trust

If you are looking to change from using your Newport scrap yard, why not call us?

What metal prices are you paying?

For our current prices that we are paying on metals just call us.



Fed up with what you’re getting for your scrap metals in Bristol | Scrap metal dealers



Revenues from scrap metals are now crucial to some businesses, that’s to say some Bristol companies may price a job based on what they can recover from scrap metal.

This is why it’s so important to choose a scrap dealer that is offering you a fair rate. More than ever more plumbers, electricians and refurbishment contractors are travelling to our scrap yard- we are told that we pay higher prices than some other Bristol scrap yards.

So whether it’s catalytic convertors your selling, or a large amount of copper wire, why not call us and see what prices we are paying?

Looking to change scrap dealers?

A lot of businesses now are stocking up their metals, and then selling in a larger quantity- some companies are sending their metals further afield to make sure they get the best possible price.

A lot of companies, especially electrical contractors are sending large amounts of copper wire to our yard, we are told we are paying much higher prices than some other Bristol scrap dealers.

To find out how much we are paying on copper wire, and all other types of non-ferrous why not call our scrap yard?

Want to get a better rate for your metals?

Some companies stick the same scrap yard year in, year out, but are they offering you the best deal?

Some electrical contractors now generate huge amounts of copper cable waste each and every week, as such they know if they can obtain a better price, then it’s worth sending a lorry down to us and sell their copper wire, and other waste metals, to N Powell and Son.

Who are N Powell and Son?

We are established scrap metal dealers, we are known throughout the U.K for our vast recycling site, where we transform waste metals, like copper cable into pure copper.

We have excavators fitted with grabs, so that we can quickly offload large lorries quickly.

We see vans, lorries come to us from Bristol each and every week.

Why do so many businesses travel to your scrap yard?

A lot of Bristol businesses travel to us because we pay excellent prices on scrap  metals.


Why are you such popular scrap dealers?

We can recycle copper cable and wire at our scrap yard, plus we purchase all forms of non-ferrous metals and pay fair prices.


Why are you worth the drive from Bristol?

Give us a ring and see what prices we are paying, we may well be paying higher prices than your current scrap yard in Bristol.



How can I recycle my non-ferrous metals?


For some customers, selling non-ferrous metals may well be a one-off occurrence. For example, you may well be having a new central heating system installed, and you have decided to retain the copper tube, boiler and brass taps to sell yourself.

This is a great way to offset some of the cost of having a new central heating system installed. How much your metals are worth will be dependent on what quantity of metals you have, and also what the value of these metals are on the day that your selling your metals.

Where can I recycle my non-ferrous metals?

Non-ferrous metals are valuable, so you should shop around scrap dealers, and scrap yards to make sure you get the best price.

You should then take your metals to a non-ferrous scrap dealer, or if you cannot take your metals yourself, you may wish to phone your local scrap yard, and see if they offer a collection, pick-up service for waste metals.

It’s worth knowing that most non-ferrous scrap metal dealers do not purchase steel scrap, this is often sold to another scrap yard.

Therefore radiators for example are often steel, or cast iron, so this is the type of scrap that a non-ferrous scrap dealer wouldn’t normally buy.

What are non-ferrous metals?

Non-ferrous metals are:

  • Copper
  • Copper cable
  • Copper wire
  • Lead
  • Lead batteries
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Catalytic convertors

Why doesn’t the price stay the same?

Scrap metal prices are always fluctuating, that’s because of demand. For example, if there is a shortage of copper, then it’s likely that copper prices will soar.

Also, if there’s too much scrap metal, so that is surplus, this can push down the price of what metals are worth.

Metal prices can change from one day to the next, so if you want an exact price for how much your metals are worth, you should call us on the day you wish to sell your metals.

Where’s a recycling yard near to Cardiff?

N Powell and Son’s scrap yard is close to Cardiff.

How much will I get for my metals?

You can call us on the day that you wish to sell your metals, then we can tell you how much we paying on that type of metal.

Scrap yards near Merthyr Tydfil


Are you looking to sell unwanted metals within Merthyr Tydfil?

We are a scrap yard that’s based near to Merthyr, we can also collect metals directly from customers if you have a large quantity:

We purchase:

  • Copper, this includes copper tube, copper wire
  • Lead
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Catalytic convertors

We pay excellent prices, to compare us to your current scrap metal merchants, why not give us a call?

Scrap dealers near Merthyr Tydfil

We are only a short drive away, our scrap yard is connected to Merthyr via motorway links, so you can arrive at our scrap yard quickly.

We purchase non-ferrous metals, but also items like catalytic convertors and lead batteries for example.

We collect / pickup scrap metals from Merthyr Tydfil

Within Merthyr there are a lot of manufacturing businesses, these businesses often need regular collection of metals and we can offer this service.

So, whether your factory produces waste copper, or waste aluminium we can collect from your business.

Why sell your metals to us?

N Powell and Son are an established scrap yard, but we are also different from some other scrap metal dealers. That’s because we invest heavily in machinery which allows us to recycle metals efficiently.

For example, we own a machine that recycles in an environmentally friendly way copper wire, and copper cable. The machine allows us add such items to the machine, and the machine then removes steel, plastics and cable shells, and leaves us with pure copper.

This copper is clean, it has no plastics within it which would make it less pure, this means we obtain better prices, which we then pass onto our customers.

So, if you are a electrician then we are perfect scrap yard for you.

Also, copper wire can be heavy and also awkward to load onto lorries, so why not let our grab lorry collect from you.

No matter if you are within the city centre of Cardiff, or within Merthyr Tydfil, we can come out and collect waste metals from you.

We are an established scrap yard

If you need to recycle metals within Merthyr, why not call us, we pay excellent prices when you sell your metals to us.

Do you need a scrap dealer that can save you time?


Let’s face it, nobody likes to be stuck in traffic lights on the way to the scrap yard. Often there are a million over things that you want to be getting on with, so driving to your local scrap dealer can sometimes seem an inconvenience.

At N Powell and Son we always want to help our customers out as much as we can, that is why we launched our scrap metal collection service.

So, if you have a large amount of scrap metal, and you business location or home is within the following locations, then give us a ring to see if we can collect from you:

We collect / pick-up scrap metals from the following locations:

  • Cardiff
  • Newport
  • South Wales Valleys

Scrap dealers which collect / pickup metals

N Powell and Son are established scrap metal dealers, as such we have vehicles that are grab lorries, this basically means we can load our lorries quickly.

Plus, if you working in a busy street, say in Cardiff, well you may not have the room to store a load of non-ferrous metals, so we can arrive and quickly load the metals for you.

Where do you collect metals from?

We mostly collect metals from Cardiff, we are often called to collect awkward or difficult loads, we say awkward because loading tons of copper wire can be hard work.

What prices do you pay on metals?

We pay competitive prices on all waste metals, most of our business is generated from returning customers, so we know that we are paying good rates on waste metals.

Do you collect from businesses routinely?

There are manufacturing businesses that will require waste metal collection on a regular basis, sometimes every week.

We therefore arrive at Cardiff businesses, and businesses based elsewhere within South Wales, and we collect their waste metals as frequently as they want.

Give us a call

If you would like to get your scrap metals collected, why not give us a call?



Do you require metals to be collected from Cardiff?

Waste metal collection | Metal recycling


If you are a contractor, say a plumber for instance, then you may well not have the time to sell your metals directly to a scrap yard.

Yet, you want to obtain a fair rate, and also want your metals collected promptly, this is where we can help.

Metal collection

No matter if you’re a domestic customer, or you are a business, if you have a large quantity of metals then we can collect from you.

We only collect metals if you have a large quantity, however if you do have a large amount of metals we can come and collect from your, wherever you are within the Cardiff area.

Copper, brass, aluminium, wire, lead the list goes on…

We purchase what scrap metal dealers call non-ferrous metals, these can range from household wire right through to brass.

Fair prices always

Whether you wish to sell your metals to us only once, or you wish to sell on a routine basis, we will always pay fair prices for your waste metals.

Please note that metal prices fluctuate, so it’s well worth giving us a quick call to ask what the current prices are on the day you wish to sell your metals.

Can you collect metals from a construction site?

Cardiff is a large and busy city, as such roads can get congested, companies therefore may not wish to drive to the scrap yard.

We therefore offer a service whereby we can drive to a construction site, or business premises and collect the metals directly from you.

Some businesses, like a manufacturing business may churn out waste metals every single week, therefore such businesses may require a routine collection.

We can offer a routine collection service of waste metals, we can also offer very competitive prices.

A scrap yard you can trust

We always pay our customers fair rates on metals. We also pay very competitive prices, our prices are so good that we see businesses travel to us from areas such as Bristol.

We purchase the following metals:




Copper wire

Copper cable


All forms of non-ferrous metal


Do you sell a lot of metals to a Bristol scrap dealer?

Bristol | Recycling | Scrap metals


Do you sell large quantities of scrap metals within Bristol?

Some businesses naturally produce large quantities of scrap metals, if you run such a business, why not give us a call?

We specialise in recycling copper wire and cable, we have a large facility that recycles such metals efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

We are always on the look out for businesses that could benefit from our services, so to find out if we can offer you a better price on your metals, why not call us?

We recycle all forms of non-ferrous

Whether you’re a plumber, or a electrician you may just earn more money when you sell your metals to us.

Unlike some other scrap dealers, we have specialist equipment which grinds waste metals, and sorts the waste into pure copper for example.

Our efficient operation means that we can pay higher prices than some other scrap metal dealers.

Why change from your Bristol scrap metal dealer?

We buy metals in high volumes, we can therefore pay better prices than some other scrap dealers.

Some companies, such as car repair garages will handle vast quantities of exhaust systems, its items like catalytic convertors, and copper cable that we pay very competitive prices on.

We are located within Wales, however many businesses deem it well worth the drive when they hear about our excellent prices that we pay.

Excellent customer service, efficient service

We purchase each and every day vast quantities of waste metals, these metals come from far and wide, from major cities like Cardiff and Bristol.

We therefore have to run an efficient operation, we have modern excavators fitted with grabs, large fork lifts and a dedicated team that are on hand to quickly offload vehicles.

Recycle your metals at our scrap yard

Once a business uses N Powell and Son we normally see repeat business for many years. We see businesses stockpile there metals more, then routinely travel to us from Bristol to our scrap yard.

We see Bristol businesses bring us large quantities of copper wire, cable and other non-ferrous.

For the latest metal prices just give us a call, we are able to tell you metal prices over the phone.

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