We can collect your Scrap Metal (Non-ferrous) in Pontypridd & Cardiff and other South Wales areas!

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“Maybe you’re a landlord or simply refurbishing your home, we offer very competitive rates on non-ferrous scrap metal in Pontypridd and South Wales, and we now offer a collection service”.

Call Elliot or Nigel today to arrange collection in Pontypridd and other South Wales areas.

Main line: 01443 403 959

Scrap metal buyers and metal recycling yards in Pontypridd.

“We buy all forms of non-ferrous metals that is copper, lead, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals”.

We buy any amount whether you have a small or large volume of non-ferrous metals. And we offer a transparent service within Pontypridd that generates repeat business.

So whether you’re stripping out an old boiler or re-pointing your roof and have lead flashings, give us a call for what rates we are paying out on our non-ferrous metals within Pontypridd.

“Pressed on time in regards to your home improvement works and refurbishment”?

Then if you have a reasonable amount of non-ferrous metals then get in contact with Nigel or Elliott we will come and collect your scrap metals in person.

We collect the following non-ferrous metals within Pontypridd and if of a reasonable quantity we can collect from further afield.

We can collect the following types of non-ferrous metals

Copper wire
And all other forms of waste non-ferrous metals.

We can collect in person from the following areas:

We can collect from Cardiff non-ferrous scrap metals

Merthyr Tydfil
And where our scrap-yard is based which is in Pontypridd.

We can also collect scrap metal from other locations within South Wales if you have enough quantity. We pay very reasonable and fair rates for scrap metal and ask you to ring us on the day of collection to find out what rates we are paying out.

Scrap Metal collection Cardiff

We understand that when weighing in scrap metal it can be a time-consuming process distracting you from your projects such as home improvement for example.

We can therefore come to you in Cardiff and collect your scrap metal.

Many of our customers are either in the process of refurbishing properties and therefore find our service beneficial as we pay out very reasonable rates without you having to come to us.

We then take all our scrap metals back for processing to our scrap metal yard based in Pontypridd.

Scrap Metal collection Pontypridd

We operate our scrap-yard in Pontypridd so we are in close proximity to any residential development that you may be developing within the area.

We welcome all enquiries from our prospective customers in the Pontypridd area and we offer our service with the ambition to create long-term business with all our clients.

That is to say that we offer fair and reasonable rates and we offer a prompt collection service within Pontypridd.

We buy all forms of non ferrous waste and ensure that you get the best possible rates for your scrap metal by giving you a fair assessment of what category your metal will fall into so that you get a fair and transparent payout for your scrap metal within Pontypridd.

We also collect scrap metal from Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare in South Wales.

We also collect all non-ferrous scrap metals from the industrial regions of Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare.

If you have scrap metal that you wish to send to recycling give us a call today.