N Powell and Son are scrap metal dealers, who buy and purchase all forms of non-ferrous scrap metals. No matter the size or quantity of non-ferrous, N Powell and son will buy and purchase such metals from you.

N Powell and Son buy metals such as, Aluminium, Brass, Lead, Copper Tubing and Copper Piping and Copper Cabling.

Scrap metal buyers, non-ferrous Pontypridd

Here is the list, and type of non-ferrous metals that N Powell and Son regularly and routinely buys within the Pontypridd region of South Wales.

Copper Cabling
Copper cabling can take the form of household wiring, right through to industrial thickness copper cabling, which is three-phase and thick in its diameter.

Copper Tubing
N Powell and Son regularly buys within Pontypridd copper tubing.

This non-ferrous metal can come from domestic premises, which are being refurbished, or perhaps you are refurbishing a large commercial premises, such as a office block in Cardiff. No matter where your copper tubing is coming from in South Wales, we can offer you competitive rates.

Lead and Lead Batteries
Perhaps you have a quantity of lead batteries from this used cars, or perhaps you have lead from flat sheet roofing.

We N Powell and Son scrap metal buyers within Pontypridd, purchase all forms of lead, no matter the quantity.

N Powell and Son are non-ferrous metal buyers who also purchase brass.

Brass may be found in brass taps, or brass handles, or brass can also be found within the fixtures and fittings of copper tubing.

Other forms of Non-ferrous

N Powell and Son are interested in purchasing and buying all other forms of metals within Pontypridd.

To obtain our latest rates and prices on scrap metals within Pontypridd, why not give us a quick call today.

Alternatively contact us on our contact page. Pontypridd scrap metal buyers contact page.

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So no matter what metal you wish to sell within Pontypridd give us a ring.

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If you wish to visit our scrap-yard why not come and see us at the following address:

N Powell & Son
Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd
Glyntaff Sidings
Pentrebach Road
CF37 4BW

Scrap metal buyers within Pontypridd

Established and offering a professional service N Powell and Son will offer you a fair rate when buying your metals and non-ferrous metals within South Wales.

Non-ferrous, scrap metal buyers within Pontypridd, South Wales.