Scrap Metal Collection Pontypridd / Cardiff


N Powell and Son now offer a scrap metal collection service throughout Pontypridd and Cardiff. If you have a sizeable amount of non ferrous scrap metal then we can collect and pick up from you. We then can transport all scrap metal from Cardiff back to our scrap yard based in Pontypridd. We are the family run scrap dealers you can trust in South Wales.

Main line: 01443 403 959


N Powell & Son
Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd
Glyntaff Sidings
Pentrebach Road
CF37 4BW

Pontypridd and Cardiff Scrap Metal collection and pick up service.

We purchase the following forms of non ferrous scrap metal throughout South Wales.

Copper tubing, Copper piping, Household cable
Brass fixtures and fittings
All other forms of non ferrous scrap metal

Our new collection service now picks up scrap metal from your location in Cardiff or Pontypridd, or any other region within South Wales.

If you have a reasonable amount of non-ferrous and scrap metals then we are interested in hearing from you.

We hold a valid waste carriers licence and can take scrap metal back to our scrap metal processing facility based in Pontypridd.

Our scrap yard can process non ferrous scrap metals collected all over South Wales and do so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Scrap Metal collection service Pontypridd

Based in Pontypridd we are able to quickly meet you at your place of work, or residence to collect scrap metal.

We can pick up any reasonable quantity of non ferrous metals and we pay out very competitive rates within the local area of Pontypridd.

Main line: 01443 403 959
If you are interested in our collection service please give us a call today we are based at Glyntaff Sidings, Pentrebach Road, Pontypridd CF37 4BW.

Scrap metal collection and pick up service Cardiff

We have a modern fleet of waste carrying vehicles, that can pick up scrap metal within the Cardiff area ready for processing back at our scrap yard.

We can collect all forms of non ferrous scrap metals throughout Cardiff South Wales.

If you have non ferrous scrap metal such as copper, lead or aluminium that needs collecting within the Cardiff area, then give us a ring today to arrange pickup and collection from you.

Scrap Metal pick up service Pontypridd & Cardiff.

Due to the success of N Powell and Son scrap metal recycling location in Pontypridd the company has chosen to expand its operations, by collecting waste scrap metal throughout the South Wales area directly from its clients.

N Powell and son can arrange pickup and collection of scrap metals anywhere, within the South Wales regions.

The company makes regular trips to collect scrap metals from areas such as Aberdare and Pontypridd as well as Merthyr Tydfil.

Because of the excellent motorway links leading to N Powell and son scrap yard it means that the company can quickly dispatch vehicles to collect scrap metal anywhere within Cardiff.

Scrap Metal collection Cardiff

Because of the companies location and close proximity to Cardiff N Powell and Son can collect scrap metal throughout the city.

To arrange pickup please call us on the number shown above today and we can quickly come and arrange at a convenient time to collect your non ferrous scrap metals within Cardiff.

Scrap Metal collection Pontypridd.

We can collect any form of non ferrous scrap metals throughout Pontypridd.

No matter if you are based at a construction site, or you would like your scrap metals collected from your home, give us a call today so that we can arrange pickup and collection from you within Pontypridd.

We are the experienced scrap metal dealers in Pontypridd, we can offer you very competitive rates on all forms of non ferrous metals.

Why choose us?

We are experienced scrap metal dealers and merchants within the Pontypridd area.

We have built a reputation from excellent customer service, within the local area of Pontypridd.

Due to this success we have now expanded our operations and can now collect, all forms of non ferrous metals throughout Cardiff and Pontypridd.

Will my scrap metal be disposed of properly?

All scrap metal collected within the Cardiff area, will be taken back to a licensed scrap metal recycling facility based in Pontypridd.

All vehicles are licensed waste carriers and our staff are expertly trained.

All scrap metal will then be segregated into different waste streams, ready for recycling at our licensed scrap yard in Pontypridd.

Due to our compliance with environmental best practices, we have licensed vehicles and a licensed scrap yard, meaning that we correctly handle all scrap metal’s that we collect within Cardiff and Pontypridd area correctly.

How will I know I will get the best price for my scrap metal, if you collect from me in Cardiff or Pontypridd?

We pay out very competitive rates for all forms of non ferrous metals. These forms of non ferrous are copper, lead and aluminium as well as brass.

We are not a national chain of scrap yards we are an independent scrap yard based in South Wales.

Because we are family run and a small business this means that we can show attention to detail to our customers make sure that we generate repeat business within the South Wales area.

Every customer that uses our services we ensure that we pay out competitively and offer good customer experience, so that you will use our scrap metal recycling facilities again in the future.

We are experts at creating repeat business

We are your local scrap metal dealers and scrap metal merchants.

Trading off our reputation within the South Wales area, we have built a reputation for excellence within the scrap recycling industry.

We run a local scrap yard business in Pontypridd, South Wales. We have collection vehicles that can come out and collect scrap metal from you anywhere within Cardiff or Pontypridd area, give us a call today.