What are the current Scrap Metal prices for Cardiff?


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To find out our latest rates in terms of what we are paying out for scrap metals through our dedicated “collection service” in Cardiff, please call us today:

Scrap Metal Collection & Prices Cardiff


What are you paying out for your scrap metals through your collection service in Cardiff?

We run a scrap metal collection service throughout Cardiff. We own a fully licensed scrap metal recycling facility based in Pontypridd, South Wales. We can transport scrap metals bought from you in Cardiff back to our processing facility in Pontypridd. For competitive prices and rates on scrap metals give us a call today, we an independent family run business, ensuring high levels of customer service.

Main line: 01443 403 959

We are family run and offer competitive rates for all non-ferrous scrap metals.

Scrap metal prices Cardiff are constantly fluctuating, near enough on a daily basis.

Because the scrap metal prices for non-ferrous metals are so volatile, we invite you to phone us, so that we can give you an accurate rate on the day, for what we are paying out for scrap metals.

Can you give me a price before you collect scrap metal from us in Cardiff?

If you give us a call at our Pontypridd depot, the number is shown at the top of the page, then we can give you a rate that we are paying out for non-ferrous metals on that particular day.

We offer very competitive rates when it comes to collecting non-ferrous metals such as lead, aluminium or your waste copper metals for example. We buy from Cardiff and across South Wales.

Scrap Metal Prices & Rates Cardiff, South Wales

If you give us a call stating what type of non-ferrous metals you have in Cardiff and then we can tell you our current rates and arrange a convenient pickup time from you in the Cardiff area.

Please note that we only collect within Cardiff non-ferrous metals of a certain quantity, so please call us to advise how much scrap metal you currently have. If you would like to arrange a pickup or to discuss scrap metal prices that we are paying out to our Cardiff clients, then please call us today.

I want to arrange pickup of my scrap metals within Cardiff, but can you give me a price for all the different scrap metals I have for example cooper rate and separate lead rate?

We can give you an individual price for each type of non-ferrous metal that you have.

If you call us we can give you our daily rate for different types of non-ferrous metals that we can collect within the Cardiff area. We buy non-ferrous metals everything from copper boiler tanks right through to household wire.

If you quoted me a price for my scrap metal and to collect this from me in Cardiff, how long will you hold this price for?

Prices provided over the phone for scrap metal to be collected within Cardiff are only rates that we are paying out that particular moment in time.

Main line: 01443 403 959

Scrap metal industry and scrap metal prices are constantly changing and in a state of “flux”. Because scrap metal prices are constantly changing due to global demand we can only quote rates that we are paying out on a particular day.

Scrap metal buyers Cardiff

Scrap metal rates and prices fluctuate on a day-to-day basis, so it is important to call us on the day that you wish to weigh in your scrap metals into us.

Your scrap metal collection service in Cardiff, how competitive are your prices and rates for non-ferrous scrap metals?
Scrap metal prices in South Wales

Our scrap metal collection service allows you to save time weighing in your scrap metal, if you are on a demolition or construction site for example.

Our rates are very competitive within the local area as we are a family run business with a fully licensed recycling facility in Pontypridd.

Our aim and ambition is to quote prices for scrap metal which will encourage future business from all of our clients within the Cardiff area.

We offer a prompt and reliable collection service and we pay out fair rates and prices for non-ferrous scrap metals throughout South Wales.

If you quote me over the phone for rates on collecting scrap metals in Cardiff how accurate are these prices?

If you tell us that your scrap metal in Cardiff is a clean form of non-ferrous metals, we can accurately tell you what we are paying out that particular day for that particular scrap metal.

Deductions and reductions in what we pay out will be dependent on how clean your metal is. For example copper tubing with metal fitting and fixtures still attached will attract a reduced rate as opposed to clean copper tubing.

For accurate rates and prices give us a call today so we can discuss what scrap metal you have within Cardiff and whether you would like us to pick up from you within the Cardiff area.

Main line: 01443 403 959