Scrap Metal Prices Newport.

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Scrap metal non-ferrous prices. Newport collection service.


We offer throughout Newport a non-ferrous scrap metal collection service. We pay out very competitive prices for all scrap metal’s collected from the Newport area. We also collect from across South Wales.

Want us to collect your non-ferrous scrap metal’s within Newport? Call us today for our rates and prices:

Main line: 01443 403 959

Newport scrap metal non-ferrous prices and rates (collection service only)

We have a fully licensed range of waste transfer vehicles and a fully licensed scrap metal processing facility based in Pontypridd South Wales.

What are your rates and prices for scrap metal in Newport South Wales?

We operate an efficient and prompt collection service of non-ferrous scrap metals of a sizeable quantity from Newport, South Wales.

Our collection service of waste metals spans the majority of the South Wales area.

We regularly buy metals from commercial operations and sizeable quantities from domestic redevelopments within the Newport areas. We offer a prompt and reliable service through our family run scrap metal recycling business.

What are your scrap metal prices for each particular type of non-ferrous metals from Newport?

We invite you to call us on the day that you wish to sell your non-ferrous metals.

Because the non-ferrous metal market is extremely volatile, non-ferrous metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis.

Because of the uncertainty of where scrap metal prices are going to move to, we invite all our prospective customers in Newport, to give us a call on the day that they wish to sell their scrap metals.

If you call us on the number above, we can quote you how much we are paying out for scrap metals on that particular day.

We offer competitive rates and seek long-term business from all our customers within the Newport area, of South Wales.

Main line: 01443 403 959

Do you purchase scrap metal across Newport?

Yes, if you have a sizeable or reasonable quantity of non-ferrous scrap metals, then we are interested in picking up from your location within South Wales.

We purchase all non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper tubing, copper wire and other forms of metals such as brass and lead.

If you give us a call we can arrange a convenient time, to come and pick up from you at your place of work or home. Please be aware that there is a minimum quantity needed to allow us to pick up from you within Newport.

So whether you are running a construction site or refurbishing a development within the Newport area please give us a ring for very competitive rates on your waste metals.

Apart from price, why should I choose your scrap metal recycling business for my waste metal recycling needs?

We operate a fully licensed scrap metal processing facility based in the Pontypridd region of South Wales. We carefully process all non-ferrous metals for recycling and uphold the highest standards in terms of environmental compliance.

All our scrap metal collection vehicles are fully licensed waste carriers and we can operate within Newport collecting all forms of waste non-ferrous scrap metals. (Collection service only).

We also pay out very competitive prices and rates for every form of scrap metal ranging from “aluminium guttering” right through to “industrial thickness copper cabling”.

Do you visit and collect from construction and demolition sites throughout Newport?

If you have a commercial operation such as a factory manufacturing facility or a construction site for example we pay out very competitive prices and rates on your waste scrap metal that you wish to send for recycling in Newport.

Although we are based in Pontypridd South Wales, we offer a collection service and pick up service throughout the South Wales areas including the whole of Newport.

If quoted a price for scrap metal in Newport, how long can I rely on receiving this rate for my waste scrap metals?

Scrap metal prices are continually changing on a daily basis. We cannot therefore hold on any particular rate over any amount of time. We understand that you will want to seek out the best possible deal, so we therefore invite you to call us on the day that you wish to sell your non-ferrous scrap metals to us in South Wales.

We will then give you our rate on the day that we are paying out for scrap metals for recycling.

The rates will change on a daily basis and can sometimes fluctuate within any particular day.

Because the scrap metal rates fluctuate frequently up and down is important that you call us, so that we can give you our most up-to-date rate for the scrap metals that we wish to purchase.