Scrap Metal Dealers & Merchants

We can collect (non-ferrous) scrap metals from anywhere within Pontypridd and South Wales areas.

We offer excellent prices and rates on non-ferrous scrap metals.

We purchase copper, brass, aluminium and other forms non ferrous metals and offer very competitive rates.

Scrap Metal Prices

To find out what we are paying out on our non-ferrous scrap metals why not call us today, on the number shown below:

01443 403 959



Scrap metal prices are determined by global demand, because of this demand prices can fluctuate at any time. So we do urge you to call us, so we can provide you our latest, and most up to date scrap prices. Or why not pop-in to our yard, and ask for today’s price on whatever metals you have.

We are committed to offering excellent prices and rates on all scrap metals that we purchase.

To find out today what we are purchasing your non-ferrous metals for, do call us on the number shown above.

Scrap metal recycling by experienced scrap dealers

We purchase all forms of non-ferrous metals.

We buy the following- but we also buy any form of Non-Ferrous- so if the metal is not listed, do ring us for a price

  • Brass
  • Aluminum 
  • Lead
  • Lead batteries
  • Copper in all forms
  • Copper Wire
  • All forms of Non-ferrous

We are committed to offering excellent customer service and because of this commitment we have launched our collection service throughout certain South Wales areas.

We can collect from factories, commercial operations or even sometimes your home within the Pontypridd areas.

We pay out fair prices on all non-ferrous metals purchased so that we can secure your long-term business within the area.

Scrap Metal Prices and Metal Rates

We pride ourselves on our customer service levels and ensuring repeat business from both our commercial customers and members of the public, who may be selling their metals to us on a one-off basis. 

That is why we now offer a collection service of non-ferrous scrap metals throughout the South Wales regions.

So whether you are based locally or further afield, do give us a ring to see if we can collect from you today.

Some of the locations and business applications, that have chosen to use our pickup and collection service in the past includes:

o Industrial manufacturing operations. We can recycle waste metals from such operations on a one off or routine basis via collection or drop off at our scrap yard.

o Demolition Non-ferrous metals arising from waste streams. We can collect from any site within South Wales.

o Construction and refurbishment projects, we can collect from site large quantities of copper cable/copper tube for example.

o Residential redevelopment and residential properties that require us to pick up non-ferrous in quantity.

We can collect all non-ferrous scrap metals from any such applications throughout South Wales.

We are based in Pontypridd, and welcome the general public and trade also to drop off their waste metals to us or by us collecting from you.

Copper, Aluminium, Lead prices scrap metal merchants

Apart from excellent customer service and experience, we can also offer other features to our business which makes us the natural choice for recycling your scrap metals with us.

As professional scrap metal dealers,we have a fully licensed scrap yard and fully licensed waste carrier vehicle licences.

We can therefore collect from your place of work within Pontypridd, or also at your home within the area.

What are your prices and rates on various types of non-ferrous metals?

We purchase all forms of non ferrous metals.

Because we source a wide selection of non-ferrous metals you can be sure that we will offer a fair, transparent and competitive rate on your waste metals when they are weighed in with us.

Everything from copper cable, right through to flat lead sheet roofing, we purchase all within South Wales.

You say you can collect what are your prices and rates for scrap metal which is collected?

We have a reliable fleet of collection vehicles ready to be dispatched all over South Wales.

We look to build up goodwill and a long-term business relationship’s with all of our clients across the Pontypridd regions.

Because of this you can rest assured that you will gain a fair and competitive rate on all your scrap metals, when you choose N Powell and Son.

What sort of non-ferrous metals do you buy? And what are your prices?

We purchase all forms of non-ferrous metals, and we would ask you to call us on the day that you wish to sell because non ferrous metals are constantly changing in terms of their price points.

We therefore ask all our prospective customers within the South Wales areas to call us so that we can discuss the type a metals you have, so that we can give you the most accurate and up-to-date rate that we can, that’s prior to collecting from you or you weighing in to us at our yard.

Within our recycling and processing facility we buy the following forms of non-ferrous metals.

o Lead
o Aluminium
o Brass
o Copper cabling
o Copper tubing
o Industrial copper cable
o All other forms of non ferrous metals

What is your price for scrap metal if I choose you to pick up directly from me?

There is a minimum quantity that you would need to have in order for us to collect from you within the Pontypridd areas.

With that said it does depend on how close you are in terms of proximity to our recycling facility.

If you have a reasonable amount of non ferrous metals then we can come out and arrange a pickup from you at work or at home at a convenient time.

Do you pay out special rates, if you are collecting regularly from a commercial businesses in Pontypridd?

We are always on the lookout for sourcing partnerships, with local businesses in terms of collecting their non-ferrous scrap metals to take to our recycling scrap yard.

In terms of metal rates and prices we would ask you to call us, so that we can discuss further your requirements for collecting regularly from your place of business.

We are a family run business and pride ourselves on customer service and offering excellent rates within the scrap metal recycling industry, within South Wales.