N Powell & Son Non-ferrous metal dealer’s near Cardiff, South Wales.


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Copper Wire Buyers in Wales, Near Cardiff

Copper Wire Buyers in Wales, Near Cardiff


N Powell & Son are non-ferrous, scrap metal dealers and recyclers based in South Wales.


Non-Ferrous metal buyers, we buy copper, brass, lead and we are based near Cardiff, in South Wales

Non-Ferrous metal buyers, we buy copper, brass, lead and we are based near Cardiff, in South Wales



We are a family run company who buy’s the full range and spectrum of non-ferrous copper, aluminium and lead non-ferrous metals in the South Wales and surrounding regions.

Our company can boast a great location situated in close proximity to Cardiff via the A470. If you have scrap copper or any ferrous metals why not take a short commute out of Cardiff and come and see us at our depot in Pontypridd, very close to Cardiff with good motorway links straight to us!

Scrap Yards, Scrap metal buyers near Cardiff (Non-ferrous metals).

N Powell & Son are seasoned professionals in the non-ferrous scrap recycling industry. We believe we offer a conscientious service whereby we are happy to receive large or small quantities of non-ferrous metals brought to us.

We invite the general public and trade from the Cardiff area and Pontypridd also all the surrounding areas to call us to find out our best rates, we offer the following scrap metal recycling services.

We buy the following non- ferrous metals

Scrap Metal Recycling South Wales, Scrap Metal Dealers Near Cardiff

o Dry Bright Copper Wire and Greasy Bright Wire – we offer very competitive rates
o Heavy copper tube
o Clean copper tanks
o We buy rolled ally and cast ally
o Stainless steel
o Lead
o Brass
o And all other non-ferrous metals.

Quality scrap metal dealers in South Wales

Quality scrap metal dealers in South Wales

We offer a friendly and personable experience when selling any of your ferrous metals. No accounts needed just turn up at our location situated not far from Cardiff in the Pontypridd area and we will offer you a very reasonable deal on your ferrous metals.

We make purchasing your scrap metal as easy as possible. As a family run business we take care in our daily operations to ensure you receive a fast and efficient service. Our scrap yard will buy any amount of non-ferrous metals, so whether you turn up with a small boot load or the arctic lorry load your business is most welcome at N Powell and son.

Scrap Metal Yards and Metal Recyclers near Cardiff

We purchase all non-ferrous scrap metals and offer very competitive rates combined with a professional speedy service. If you are looking for a scrap metal dealer which is in close commuting distance to Cardiff city centre, then look no further. We aim to turnaround each customer as quick as possible so you will receive a quick service and being close to a motor-way near Cardiff also helps!

We are buyers and competitive rate payers for the following types of ferrous metals. Please do call us on the day, as Scrap Metal prices fluctuate please make sure you call to know the latest prices so you get the best deal when coming to us from Cardiff and the near-by areas.

Copper and Copper Wire buyers near Cardiff South Wales Scrap Metal Yards.

Situated in Pontypridd we are in a fantastic location to serve the South Wales and the capital region of Cardiff with a quality scrap metal merchant service.

We are buyers of all copper and copper wire in the South Wales region. We offer an efficient service and we would invite you to call us so we can impress you with our rates of purchase on the day.

We buy all forms of waste copper so this may take the form of dry and bright wire or indeed greasy bright wire.

Please note we offer excellent rates on both types of waste copper wire and we feel we are worth the commute from Cardiff for the rates we offer the South Wales area.

Alot of our customers choose N Powell & Son because of our knowledge and expertise and we insist on offering a quick and knowledgeable service. A large proportion of our customers use our services to weigh in heavy copper tube which we feel we offer very competitive rates of purchase on.

Aluminium Scrap Metal buyers and Scrap Metal yards near Cardiff

We are also buyers of aluminium scrap metal. We pay very competitive prices for aluminium this may be in the form of cast aluminium or aluminium wheels for example. One thing is sure we pay very competitive rates for aluminium scrap metal. If you have such non-ferrous metals that you wish to weigh into your local scrap metal dealer based just outside Cardiff then please give us a ring for our latest and best rates on scrap metal prices.

Lead buyers and lead batteries. Scrap yards in South Wales

We are also buyers of lead batteries and lead non-ferrous metals, we pay excellent rates and by every form of lead from lead flashings to lead batteries. People travel from just outside the city centre of Cardiff to us because we offer great rates on lead whether this be full clean lead sheeting or lead piping we offer very competitive rates indeed.

Brass Ferrous metals, local Scrap Yards near Cardiff South Wales area.

We pay excellent rates on brass waste metals. So whether it is mixed brass or brass taps, we will offer you a great deal on all your brass and other ferrous metals you are looking to weigh into your local scrap yard. If you have brass you are looking to weigh in, then please call us today for excellent rates within the South Wales area.