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We N Powell & Son are committed to offering a first rate scrap metal buying service and experience, as such we are committed to offering our services as further afield as we possibly can.


Through our scrap yard based in Pontypridd we are able to save the following locations listed below. We serve the following locations based in South Wales either by being in easy commuting distance or if you have enough non-ferrous metals to sell we can come to you!

Scrap yards and scrap metal merchants based in South Wales near Cardiff

Please take a look at the locations where we believe we are in easy reach to our customers for selling your non-ferrous metals, so that could be aluminium, lead, brass or copper for instance.



Scrap metal merchants near Cardiff

We believe due to our location we are very easily reached from the Cardiff areas and surrounding regions. Many of our customers come to us from Cardiff because we are situated so close to the capital of Wales and we have good commuting routes,
Based on the outskirts of Cardiff in a location called Pontypridd we are outside of the congestion and hustle and bustle of Cardiff city centre, yet close enough for our customers to travel to us.

Scrap metal merchants and scrap metal dealers near Newport South Wales

A major industrial town based in South Wales we also serve the region of Newport with a quality scrap metal merchant service.

Our location is within Pontypridd but we believe we are well worth the commute from Newport to our location because we are excellent rate payers on non-ferrous scrap metal. A lot of our customers travel from Newport with their scrap metals to us because we are a trusted name in the scrap metal industry.

Scrap metal dealer’s near Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taff.

A lot of our customers also come in from the South Wales regions these could be Rhondda Cynon Taff customers coming to us or customers from the Merthyr Tydfil areas. Our customers frequently say they prefer to travel to us because we are “solid rate payers” on non-ferrous scrap metals and we are family run with a trusted name you can rely on. Customers travel from regions such as Ebbw Vale as well.

We cover the areas from Pontypridd through to Cardiff and right over to the adjoining areas such as Newport.

We believe we are a business worth travelling to because we are family run and we run our scrap metal yard in the interests of the long term business, by this we mean that we pay excellent rates to secure your long term custom.

Our main customer base comes from Cardiff but we are constantly widening the area and regions that we buy from because as word-of-mouth spreads that we are quality rate payers we are finding our customers coming from further afield to use our services.

Scrap yards near Cardiff

One of our main selling points is that we have a modern and well equipped scrap yard based in close location to the city centre of Cardiff.

We believe our location is excellent in terms of running a scrap metal business because we cover the South Wales valleys, but we are also in a location that is excellent in terms of serving our customer base in Cardiff.

We would invite all our customers before coming to our scrap yard to give us a quick ring, to see what scrap metal prices we are offering on that particular day.

We believe we are “strong rate payers” in regards of what we pay for scrap metal and many customers notice the difference when using our service for this reason we are well worth the commute.